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Dear Fans,

Atlanta Roller Derby has suspended our 2020 and 2021 seasons indefinitely. All games and practices are cancelled until it is safe to be in close quarters again with other humans. We can’t put ourselves or our fans at risk. Roller Derby is a full contact sport, so it’s impossible to play with no contact (let alone 6 ft apart).

Also, we rely on a packed house of spectators buying tickets to pay the rent of the venue - so even if we could quarantine together to make it safe to play (which we can’t - we are 100% volunteer), the amount of tickets we could even sell to maintain social/physical distancing would not pay that bill.

We will keep everyone updated with any news regarding our return to play. In the meantime, ARD is using the break from our regularly-scheduled programming to share news and resources related to social justice issues. We hope you will take the opportunity to read up and take whatever action you can on these important matters.

We hope to see you and return to the track very soon.

Derby Love,
Atlanta Roller Derby