Roller Derby Recruitment


To be considered a transfer skater, you must have competed in at least two full bouts with your old league. If you have not competed in at least two full bouts, please consider joining Rec League and trying out for the next fresh meat class.

If you have competed in two full bouts, you may practice with the league and train with the rest of ARD. Your old league or captain must fill out a transfer form, and you must pass a bout assessment to be drafted to a home or inter-league team.

Note: Having competed in two full bouts does not guarantee your transfer status. All transfers are subject to review, and if deemed appropriate, may be asked to pass a safety assessment. ARD does not guarantee league or team placement regardless of your former league affiliation or performance.

Transfers who pass a Bout Assessment will be considered non-placed skaters until drafted to a team.

If you are interested in transferring to ARD, please contact recleague@atlantarollerderby.com with all inquiries.


Visitors from other leagues are welcome to join ARD practices. We do not have a drop in fee for regular league practice. We require that all visiting skaters have up-to-date WFTDA insurance before joining ARD practice.

Contact training@atlantarollerderby.com for information on practice times and location.